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The Buzz 

Debut Album from Singer Songwriter Georgia Cortes Rayner.

The Past is a Passenger’ is a collection of songs about life, love, loss, family and environmental angst, inspired by the past, the present and the future.

Featuring 12 Original Tracks including a remixed album version of the single Flame, plus 24-page story, art and lyrics bookl​et (hard copy or digital download.) Available to purchase as a Digital Download or hard copy CD on Bandcamp. Streaming on all platforms.

This album offers something for everyone – from the hip hop bluegrass of Don’t Poke the Bear, the blues of So Much Ugly, the rock protest of Flame and Isn’t it Time, the tributes for lost loved ones, Still our Superman, We Are Here  and Make Believe,  the country vibe of Finding Our Way and Pineapple Ridge to the folky All Grown Up , Doubtful Land  and Unplanned Destination.

Recorded & produced by Stewart Peters of Soundshed Music at Valla.


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