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It is never to too late to change direction

‘If I do what is good for my soul, it will also be good for others’.

This is what I said to myself at 52, when I made a career change to Singer-Songwriter. 

' Follow the music’ was on every road sign before me....and I did.

So now I write songs and sing them, and all is well with me. 

Artist  ​Bio

 Born in Brooklyn, New York, to Australian and Ecuadorian parents, raised in New Orleans & Brooklyn, Scotts Head has been home for Georgia since 2004. After careers in law, town planning and local government, Georgia took the plunge into being a fulltime singer songwriter at 

age 52, releasing her first Album, The Past Is A Passenger’ at age 55. She’s now writing songs for a second album, and gigging as much as possible.

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